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Flip, fly, and soar to score big on your Jackson vacation

Bounce, flip, and fly on the Bungee Trampoline at Snow King Mountain!

Try flips and tricks without fear of falling or injury. Securely harnessed to the bungee cords, you’ll jump higher and be bolder than ever before. This is a great, high-energy activity for kids as young as 3 years old.

Each Bungee experience includes 2 minutes on the Trampoline to show off your tricks!


  • This is an outdoor activity and is weather-dependent.
  • This is an athletic activity and isn’t recommended for people who have back, neck, or heart problems, broken bones, are pregnant, are intoxicated, or have any other physical or medical problems.
  • Anyone with shoulder, arm, leg, or hip injuries should not participate.
  • Before you arrive, complete your online Liability Waiver here. Once you arrive at the ticket office, we will look up your online waiver on the spot and you will be ready to play with no delay!

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