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Swiss Family Robinson meets the X-Games at Snow King's Treetop Adventure Course!

You’ll harness up, clip in and safely ride zip lines, shimmy over suspended bridges, scramble up nets, cross swinging logs and even ride an aerial skateboard. Seven courses for kids or adults available.

Private MOUNTAIN GUIDES are available for 4 and 8 hours, priced respectively. "Enhance your experience on the Treetop Adventure and all the experiences at Snow King Mountain by hiring a private guide for the day."  Contact us!

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All passes refundable until 24 hours prior to your scheduled visit. In the event of a COVID-19 related closure, your purchase will be refunded automatically.


Pricing for every group! Please see below for individual tickets, chaperone pricing, kids’ group pricing and adults’ group pricing and optional private guides.





Full Course (includes Alpine Slide) Ages 12+ must reach arms up to 5’11 (71") $79/person
Flying Squirrel (Includes Slide) Ages 7-12 must reach arms up to 4’7″, (55" or 140cm) $59/child
Treetop Express Green, Blue, Zipline Late Afternoon If you are limited by time, your budget, or your nerves, the Treetop Express is for you! This late-afternoon introductory tour through the Green (easy), Blue (intermediate) and Orange (Zipline Course) will take approximately 2-2.5 hours to complete, including your Rafferty chairlift ride and Alpine Slide down. The Red and Black (more difficult) courses are not included. All Treetop Full Course age and height restrictions apply. $59
Chaperone / Alpine Slide Ride Required for Flying Squirrel 1 per 5 kids $15
Big King Unlimited/All Day! $125
Private MOUNTAIN GUIDES (Full Day) If no chaperone available $475/guide
Private MOUNTAIN GUIDES (Half Day) If no chaperone available $275/guide
Private Harnessing By popular demand, booking a private harnessing time slot allows you to start the Treetop Adventure and Flying Squirrel with just those in your immediate family or group to give you further peace of mind in these uncertain times. The group can be a mixture of Squirrels and Full Course participants. Harnessing times are by available on weekends outside public offerings and during the weekdays in June and evenings during our peak summer season.
$1300 covers up to 20 people.
- Email or Call Us
Treetop Private Rental Peak Season 4 hours - $7,000
Treetop Private Rental Off Season 4 hours - $3,000


*Prices above are subject to a $1 processing fee per ticket.

Hours, Location, & Groups

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Check in for the Treetop Adventure at the Mountain Sports Center in the Rafferty Activity Center next to the Snow King Hotel. Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time to check in and take the Rafferty Lift to the Treetop Adventure course.

Restrictions & Safety

Restrictions and Safety
The Treetop Adventure involves traversing a series of obstacles that span between trees, wood poles and wooden platforms. A total of 7 courses are marked and segregated based on their level of difficulty. This activity is physically challenging and is self-directed with general supervision from personnel on the ground.

Kid’s Course Requirements:

  • Must be at least 7 years old
  • Weigh between 35 and 120 pounds (16-54 kilos)
  • Reach with feet flat on the ground and arm overhead must be at least 55″/4’7”/140cm.
  • Children must be accompanied by one adult supervising from the ground per 3 children. No charge for chaperones in the winter.

Green, Blue, Red, Black, Zip Courses Requirements:

  • Ages 12+ must reach arms up to 5’11 (71")
  • Weigh between 100 – 280 pounds (45-127 kilos)
  • Reach with feet flat on the ground and arm overhead 71″ /5’11”/ 180 cm
  • Children under 16 on the Green, Blue, Red and Zip Course must be accompanied by one participating adult per three children

All participants must possess one functioning arm with grasping capabilities. The participant must also possess at least one fully functioning leg, or part of two legs to be contained by the harness. Participants with prosthetics that possess these same capabilities may meet these requirements:

  • Be able to fit securely and remain in the harness at all times
  • Be able to ascend and descend up a 10-foot ladder without assistance

Safety Considerations:

  • Tie back long hair
  • Wear sturdy sport sandals/shoes/boots
  • Secure or leave behind all loose items such as clothing, jewelry, cameras, phones or water bottles.

Treetop Adventure staff may deny any guest’s participation if they believe it is unsafe based on the manufacturer’s requirements.

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