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Come experience North America’s steepest Zip Line

Come down the face of Snow King Mountain on North America’s steepest zip line, with views of Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons in the background. Each of the three sections has two lines, allowing you to share the thrill with family and friends! Start at the top with the beginner section to test your confidence and skill, which includes awesome views where your family can take photos and watch you learn. Then, with speeds up to 60 mph and a 36 percent grade, take the plunge into the steepest span. Finally, at a 31 percent grade and a total distance of 1,275 feet, ride down the final span over the Cowboy Coaster and land at the base of the mountain!

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Is this activity for me?

Snow King Mountain’s ZipTour is an extreme activity that involves heights of over 100 feet off the ground and speeds over 30 mph. The tour involves hiking over rough terrain, a gondola ride, wearing a harness and helmet, and controlling your own speed on the zip line. If you are uncomfortable with any of these situations we suggest you try our other summer activities on the mountain. The tour itself will take roughly two hours due to the extensive safety training involved and the time to walk to the gondola and ride up the mountain.

Can I participate in the ZipTour if I am pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition?

The staff at Snow King Mountain Resort are not medically qualified and are not in a position to assess the capacity of participants with pre-existing medical conditions to ride the ziplines. It remains your responsibility to undertake such an assessment prior to taking the tour. You may wish to contact your doctor for further advice.

Individuals who are pregnant or may be pregnant should not ride the Zip Line. The harness must be adjusted snugly around the waist area, not hips, and the braking process can create a sudden and unexpected jolt to the rider if they do not slow down and stop at the designated unloading point. Persons who have recently had surgery or who suffer from chronic back/neck and/or spine problems are strongly advised to not take part in the ride. We are not medical experts and therefore suggest that you seek advice from your doctor on medical matters. If you decide to proceed, you do so with the full knowledge that the zip line tour may incur risks to an unborn child and may complicate pre existing medical conditions.

If I have a season pass is it included?

Season Pass holders will receive 20% off the ZipTour for themselves. Reservations can only be made over the phone or in person and the current season pass must be shown at the time of check-in.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome at Snow King Mountain Resort but must be supervised and remain on a leash at all times. You must clean up after your dog while on Resort property. However, your dog cannot accompany you on the ZipTour and dogs are not permitted on the lifts. During the winter sports season, dogs are not allowed on any snow surface.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your reservation by calling the ZipTour Office line at 307-201-5464. The policy reads:

  • Cancellation three or more days prior to scheduled tour, may reschedule or will be issued a refund
  • Failure to arrive at your scheduled tour date and time forfeits all payment.
  • One complimentary reschedule if more than 24-hour notice is given. There will be a $10 rescheduling fee per person for each subsequent rescheduling.
  • No refunds can be given after the tour has been rescheduled.

Please note: Your reservation is not considered canceled until you have verification from a Snow King Zip Tour Office associate.

Occasionally we may need to close the Zip Tour for reasons beyond our control. If you have already started the tour, we will do our best to find alternative dates or times for you and your party to visit us again. A “rain check” will be issued to be used before the end of the current season. Rain checks do not have cash value and are only valid for the adventure for which it is issued.

Groups of 20 or more participants require seven days’ notice for full refund minus a 10% processing fee. Groups of 20 or more participants canceling 6 days or less will not receive a refund and have lost all payment.

What happens in bad weather?

Snow King’s Zip Tour will not operate in weather conditions which indicate that lightning may be in close proximity, or in sustained winds in excess of 30 mph. Our Zip Tour office staff will contact you if we have advanced notice of inclement weather and need to reschedule. If the weather is marginal, please call us for a status update. Do not assume we have canceled the tour if you have bad weather where you are— we may have sunny skies!

Can I watch if I am not participating?

As a non-participating group member, you will have a chance to watch your group complete the Demo Span and Main Span with the purchase of a $30 Scenic Gondola Ride pass. You may also watch from the Rafferty base area to see riders complete the final Span.

How high off the ground will we be?

While on the tour you will experience the following heights and elements:

  • Zip lines 14 to 480 feet above the ground.
  • Preparing to zip while standing on platforms as high as 15 feet above the ground.
  • Zipping above, as well as within, the trees.

Is there a guide with you on the tour?

You will receive a safety briefing and training from our Zip Tour staff as you begin your adventure and you will meet your guides at each platform. You will always have the opportunity to ask questions and/or seek advice from our Zip Tour staff. Please note: The guides reserve the right to remove guests from any of the courses if safety equipment and/ or procedures are not followed.

Are there restrooms available on the tour?

Restrooms are available in the Rafferty building near the Zip Tour Office at the base of the mountain. On the mountain there are portable restroom facilities at the top of the mountain.

There is no running water on the mountain.

Are there storage or changing facilities?

There are no lockers available for rent. No changing room facilities are available.

There are restrooms in the Rafferty building near the Zip Tour office that may be used.

Can I bring my camera or video recorder?

Yes, you may bring your camera or video recorder. However, you may not use the equipment anytime you are suspended on a zip line with the exception of a GoPro that is mounted in a secure way that does not interfere with the zip line, trolley or harness and is hands free.

What do I have to carry, and for how long?

The Zip Tour trolley is the primary piece of equipment you will be carrying and/or suspended from throughout the duration of the tour. The trolley weighs approximately 10 lbs. When not in use suspending you from the zip line cable, you will carry it in a backpack specifically designed for it. Depending on the tour, you can expect to carry/wear the backpack for 2-3 hours. This means you will carry it from the training area to the gondola (about a 10 min walk) and while you walk to and wait your turn to zip each line.

Can my son or daughter under 18 go through the Zip Tour alone?

Guidelines are as follows:

  • Ages 12-15 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • Zip Tour riders must be willing and able to operate the equipment on their own as each ZipTour rider will ride each line independently.
  • Accompanying parent/guardian can, and in some cases will, be required to ride on the line next to the minor but will be on a separate line.
  • For youth ages 12 – 17, a parent must sign a waiver which may be completed online or in person.

Are there any age, height or weight restrictions?

  • Must be 12 years old to ride, ages 12-15 must be accompanied by an adult and must be able to participate independently.
  • Must be a minimum of 50 lb and a maximum of 260 lb, as well as a minimum of 48″ tall and a maximum of 82″ tall.
  • Closed-toe shoes are required.
  • Individuals who are pregnant should not ride the Zip Line.

Is there any paperwork to fill out?

All participants must complete a Release of Liability prior to beginning the adventure. A signature from a parent/guardian is required for all participants under the age of 18. Liability releases can be completed online as well as on most mobile devices once you arrive at Snow King Mountain Resort.


Liability Waiver

What time do I need to arrive?

It is required that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled Zip Tour. As the ZipTour can be sold out on any day, it is important to arrive on time. There are no refunds if you arrive late and miss your session, or cancel within 24 hours of a scheduled tour. We will attempt to put you into a later time slot if available but there is no guarantee. Factor in extra time for driving to Snow King Mountain Resort, parking, getting to the Zip Tour Office, completing the necessary paperwork, visiting our retail store and making use of our outlets.

Do I need to make a reservation?

We highly recommend that you reserve your Zip Tour in advance as there is a limited number of space on each tour and tours can sell out on any day. You can reserve online at

All group reservations must be arranged through the Zip Tour office.

What should I wear?

The Snow King Mountain Resort Zip Tour is an outdoor adventure with points high up on the mountain in an alpine environment. You may experience variable weather conditions. Wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement.

  • Shorts should reach mid-thigh or longer to allow for a comfortable fit of the safety harness.
  • You may want to dress in layers if you are zipping early or later in the day.
  • Shoes should be comfortable and flat soled, such as sneakers or hiking boots. No open-toed or open-back shoes are permitted.
  • No necklace, lanyard, or loose-fitting clothes permitted.

Be sure to hydrate before your adventure. Take precautions for being in the sun, such as applying sunscreen, as you will be out in the open for the entirety of the tour.

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