Skiing in Jackson Hole


Skin up. Ski down. Stay fit.


Earn your turns with an uphill travel pass at Snow King.

Jackson locals know that “skinning the King” is an amazing way to ski Jackson Hole and stay fit. Snow King Mountain proudly offers this activity for guests to enjoy.  Please expect Ski Patrol and our Uphill Guest Service Team to check your pass on the hill.  Passes are required 24 hours a day and will be checked prior to and after operating hours.

Download the Snow King Uphill Travel Map.


Uphill Ascent Season Pass Regular Season $150
Uphill Ascent Season Pass Early Season $100
Uphill Daily Ascent Ticket Purchase at Ticket Window $20

Private Uphill Resort Experience At The Historic In-Town Snow King Mountain Resort.

Jackson Hole Ski School and Ski Lessons
Ski - Jackson Hole Ski School and Ski Lessons

Come enjoy a half-day of fun & fitness with your family or close friends!  Our PSIA certified instructors will serve as your private guides as you explore groomed uphill routes with plenty of stops to capture the scenic views.

Upon reaching our destination your guide will assist with equipment adjustments before you enjoy a ski down groomed blue runs.   At the bottom, a quick refresh is provided before you tackle your next uphill route.

We will scan your uphill pass each assent and track your vertical feet climbed as proof of your uphill climb.

Uphill travel separates us from the crowds, as we explore the mountain at our own pace. No lines! No waiting!

This will be the most unique, talked about, the experience of your trip to Jackson Hole!!

  • Exclusive, private offering
    • 1 – 4 people, family or friends only please
  • 1/2 day : 9am – 12  or 1pm – 4pm
    • offered Wednesday and Friday. Alternative days and/or times available for an additional fee
  • $750 per ½ day all-inclusive
    • includes 2 Guides, instruction, equipment, day pass
  • Private meeting location
  • Fitness Level
    • should be comfortable with easy to moderate day hikes
  • Skier Ability
    • should be comfortable skiing groomed, blue runs. No prior uphill experience necessary.

Uphill Challenge

Snow King Mountain in partnership with our official Apparel Partner Stio, launched an Uphill Challenge for the 80th Anniversary winter season in 2018/2019.  In the first season of the uphill challenge over 250 participants climbed millions of vertical feet on Snow King Mountain with the winner ascending over 170,000 vertical feet.  The uphill challenge is back for the third season in  2020-2021.  For the 20/21 Season the backside scan station will not be active.

Uphill pass and season pass holders are able to scan their passes at the base of the Summit Lift or Rafferty Lift and then scan them at the top point they reach on the mountain. Scan stations are indicated with the red stars on the uphill map and the vertical feet and times from your climb can be seen at Snow King Mountain Up

As skiers or boot packers climb the mountain they can scan their passes at either the mid-mountain pump house, the saddle or the panorama house. Their times and vertical feet climbed are logged on each journey.

Prizes for the the 20/21 Season are Stio Power Wool long underwear for the monthly winners and Snow King Mountain Swag for our Random Winners.  The first place overall vertical prizes for the season are Stio Raymer jackets for the top male and female winners.


  • December Skin Vertical Winners: 1 male, 1 female
  • December Bootpack Winners: 1 male, 1 female
  • December Random Winners: 2 random 


  • January - Summit Base to Panorama House "Bootpack"  Fastest Time Winners: 1 male, 1 female
  • January - Summit Base to Saddle  "Skin" Fastest Time Winners: 1 male, 1 female
  • January Random Winner: 2 random 


  • February Bootpack (Summit Base to Panorama House) Vertical Winners: 1 male, 1 female
  • February Skin (Summit Base or Rafferty Base to Saddle) Vertical Winners: 1 male, 1 female
  • February Random Winner: 2 random 


  • Season Overall Vertical Winners: 3 men, 3 women


Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Snow King Winter Uphill Travel Map (PDF).

What if the pass office is closed when I want to skin or hike up?
We do ask that uphill travelers be informed of and abide by the uphill policy as well as respect any posted closures. Please visit a ticket office during business hours to purchase an uphill pass or daily uphill ticket, get a passing carrier if you need one and sign a waiver acknowledging you’ve read the policy and agree to the terms.

Where do I go?
Begin at the base area by the parking lot at Snow King Ave and Cache St. To skin, start uphill and head left under the summit lift. Look for an ORANGE CIRCLE that says “uphill travel route” and then follow those circles to the Summit. To hike, head right to the very edge of Exhibition. The route is very steep and challenging but it’s a good alternative if you don’t have an alpine touring setup.

Can I bring my dog with me?
Dogs are not allowed on Snow King Mountain during operating hours.  10am-7pm Monday – Friday, 9am-7pm Saturday and 9am-4pm Sunday.

Do you rent equipment for uphill travel?
Yes, Snow King Mountain Sports has a selection of alpine touring gear available for rental and can instruct you on the best places to ski on or off the mountain.

Does Snow King Mountain offer uphill travel lessons?
Yes, visit the Snow King Mountain Sports school page for more information on uphill travel lessons and clinics.

Uphill Time Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I scan my Uphill/Season Pass?

A: There are START scan stations at the west side of the summit lift pump house and at above the Rafferty lift across from the Grand View lodge.

There are three FINISH scan stations, one at the Grizzly Ridge Pumphouse skier’s right of Cougar top station, one at the top of the bootpack on the Panorama House and the last on the ridge of the final switchback from the top.

Scan stations are marked with signage. Your pass should be within 2-3 inches to scan. You will hear a beep from the scanner on a successful scan.

Q: Can I scan my day ticket to track my time?

A: As there is no name or personal information attached to day tickets no personal time tracking is possible.

Q: If I scan at the Grizzly Run Pumphouse finish station can I still scan at the Summit?

A: No, if you do this only your time/vertical from start to the first finish scan will be counted. Tracking is accomplished by using one start scan and one finish scan.

Q: How does the time tracking work?

A: For each trip uphill you will perform a scan at either START station. From there you skin or bootpack to any FINISH station. Once you perform a start scan and a finish scan the loop is closed and you can check back on the Uphill Time Tracking website for your uphill time and vertical feet climbed.

Q: How do I find my personal time and vertical information?

A: Other than the overall leaderboard for each category you can also find all of your personal uphill stats under the individual profile section of the site.

From a computer web browser: In the top right of the site click.

From a mobile phone: At the bottom of your screen on the blue banner tap.

This page will allow you to enter your first and last name along with the last 4-digits of your season pass card number (printed on your pass) and click “GET PROFILE”.

After you get your personal profile you can also use the activity dropdown menu to list your method of uphill travel, either skin or boot pack. You can change your activity whenever. The last updated activity will be the default until you change it.

Winter Uphill Travel Routes

Download the Snow King Winter Uphill Travel Map (PDF). There are THREE authorized routes for uphill travel. They are:

Hikers right side of Exhibition, west of the Tubing Park, hugging the trees all of the ways to the Panorama House. Hiking only – no skinning.

The Summer Trail commencing left of the Summit Lift base area and continuing up the right-hand side of Turnpike, then following Slow Trail around the top of the Rafferty Lift, continuing to the summit via Elkhorn Trail. Skinning or hiking allowed.

IPR route starts at the Rafferty Lift and follows the eastern boundary above the Snow King Hotel and Grand View Lodge to the Treetop Adventure ropes course where it connects to the Slow Trail. Skinning or hiking allowed.

Winter Uphill Travel Responsibility Code
Skiing (a term which includes snowboarding, sledding and all other forms of sliding on snow), whether uphill or downhill, involves inherent risks that cannot be eliminated. However, there are a few rules of conduct that can decrease the risk involved. When traveling within ski resort boundaries, follow the Skier’s Responsibility Code (printed on the back of all lift tickets and season passes, as well as on trail maps) and follow these additional guidelines for uphill travel:


  • Travel uphill only on the designated route during operating hours.
  • Stay to the edge of ski trails; do not hike or stand in the middle of a trail.
  • Observe posted signs, warnings and trail closures.
  • Be alert for & yield to downhill skiers.  Downhill skiers and boarders have the right of way. 
  • If you travel in a group stay in a single file line and do not ski next to your friends on the uphill route.
  • Yield to and/or avoid all ski area machinery.


  • Stop in high-traffic zones, where you are likely to obstruct a trail or where you are not visible to downhill traffic.
  • Hike, stand or otherwise position more than two people side-by-side across the fall line.
  • Bring your dog in the ski area during operating hours (10am-7pm Mon– Fri; 9 am-7 pm Sat; 9am-4pm Sunday).


  • No dogs during operating hours
  • No sledding anytime
  • Stay off trails where a winch cat is working and where snowmaking is in progress
  • Stay below Slow Trail if avalanche mitigation is in progress
  • Use approved routes during operating hours: The Bootpack, The Summer Trail and Cat’s Tail
  • All uphill traffic must yield to downhill traffic and all machinery
  • All uphill travelers must sign and submit a Liability Waiver at any ticketing location.

Uphill Travel Policy

Download the Snow King Winter Uphill Travel Map (PDF).
Download the Uphill Travel Policy (PDF).

Updated: August 1, 2017

All Uphill Travelers at Snow King Mountain Resort are required to display a current Uphill Travel Pass, Daily Uphill Ticket or Season Pass available at Snow King Mountain Sports. The pass must be visible to Ski Patrol and displayed in a bright orange pass-carrier anywhere on your person. Pass-carriers are available for purchase, or you can use the previous year’s pass-carrier.

Please read and sign the Winter Uphill Travel Policy below and pick-up your Uphill Travel Pass at the Season Pass Office prior to accessing the mountain.

9 am-7 pm Mon – Fri, 9 am-7 pm Sat, 9 am – 4 pm Sunday. Also, whenever the lifts are running for Special Events or Snow Control.

All uphill hikers and skiers are using Snow King Mountain at their own risk.

During operating hours Uphill Travellers are required to stay on the approved uphill routes: The Bootpack, The Summer Trail, and The Cat’s Tail. Uphill Travelers are prohibited from entering closed terrain at any time. It is the user’s responsibility to know what terrain is closed. Please direct any questions regarding closed trails or terrain to the Snow King Ski Patrol at 307.201.5667 during normal business hours or check “Mountain Conditions” on our website at snowkingmountain.com or Snow King Mobile App.

During avalanche mitigation work, uphill travelers are asked to avoid traveling above Slow Trail until work is complete. Avalanche mitigation is likely after a fresh snowfall of 4 inches or more, or during a period of high winds. Signs will be posted at the base area when avalanche mitigation work is in process.

As an Uphill Travel Ambassador, please contribute to our community by being helpful and courteous to others on the mountain. Obey all posted signage and the Golden Rule.

Absolutely NO DOGS are allowed within the ski area boundary during operation hours ( 9 am-7 pm Mon – Fri, 9 am-7 pm Sat, 9 am-4 pm Sunday). Outside of operating hours, dogs are permitted within the ski area boundary. Town of Jackson dog laws are in effect at all times, and dogs MUST BE ON LEASH OR UNDER VOICE CONTROL. SKMR has a simple Zero Dog Waste policy: FAILURE TO REMOVE YOUR DOG’S POOP WILL RESULT IN PASS REVOCATION.

STAY OFF OF TRAILS WHERE SNOWMAKING IS IN PROGRESS. These trails will have 480-volt electrical cords and high-pressure water hoses, and at times they may be just beneath the surface. They may also have very icy conditions, particularly near the snow guns. Seek an alternate route if you see any indication of snow machines, electrical cords or hoses.

If you pack it up, please pack it out. Help keep Snow King Mountain clean.

Uphill travelers are requested to limit your impact on fresh powder or any freshly groomed surface. Please be sensitive to the fact that uphill travel is a privilege. Thanks.

It is strongly recommended that all uphill travelers utilize reflective materials on ski poles, clothing and/or packs to heighten visibility. In addition to headlamps, flashing lights such as those commonly used on bicycles make it easier for other users as well as ski area personnel to see you and your party in the dark. Lastly, a whistle can be beneficial if the need arises to send an audible warning or signal.

All uphill traffic must yield to downhill traffic and all machinery. Skiers traveling at high speeds over blind rollovers present a danger to uphill travelers, so uphill travelers should take special care at junctions. It is prohibited for any skier, hiker or person otherwise, to approach within 100 feet of grooming machines, whether stationary or moving; or snowmaking equipment, to include but not limited to fan guns, high-pressure water lines and high-voltage electrical cables

No ski patrol services are available outside of normal operating hours. During normal operating hours, ski patrol response may be unavailable for unpatrolled terrains, such as the upper mountain during night skiing. Uphill users are prohibited from entering closed terrain at any time. It is the user’s responsibility to know what terrain is closed.

Sledding is prohibited on Snow King Mountain at all times due to safety and liability concerns.

Some trails are groomed with a winch cat, which uses cables under extremely high tension. STAY OFF THESE TRAILS! These cables can move suddenly and change height. THEY CAN CAUSE DISMEMBERMENT OR DEATH. If you see flashing yellow or red lights, winch cat operation is in progress and uphill travel is prohibited on the entire run. The high-tension cable used by the cat is extremely dangerous, and Uphill Travellers should stay well away from the anchor. Flashing yellow lights signify the cat and flashing red lights signify the winch anchor.