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Summer 2022 construction updates at Snow King Mountain include completing an additional snowmaking water line on the backside of the mountain in the Sunnyside Bowl, as well as a utility line for snowmaking gas, water, and sewer lines on the Exhibition ski run. Construction will also continue on the new Summit Restaurant and Guest Services Facility, the On The Way Home Road to the base of the mountain, as well as landscaping and revegetation work around the entire mountain.

During summer construction it is recommended that hikers and bikers take the mountain access road on the East side of the Rafferty Lift as indicated with the green line on the adjacent map. ┬áThis map will be updated over the summer as construction continues and areas of closure change. ┬áTrenching on the steep Exhibition ski run has a very high potential for rockfall risk. ┬áPlease stay out of the area beneath this construction work during the hours of 7:30am – 8:00pm for your safety.

Coming Updates - 2023 Season


Coming in summer 2023, Snow King will be updating the summit facilities including a bar and restaurant with expansive decks and a rooftop deck for dining with breathtaking views of the Grand Tetons, the National Elk Refuge, and the town of Jackson. In addition to the new bar and restaurant, guest service facilities will include public restrooms, a space for Snow King Ski School, summer activities facilities, and a ski patrol building.


The observatory and planetarium are planned to be built on the summit of Snow King Mountain starting in the summer of 2022 for completion in 2023. The observatory will have a 24-foot AstroHaven dome and a 1.0-meter PlaneWave telescope. The telescope will be one of the largest state-of-the-art telescopes in the world dedicated primarily to public outreach. The facility will also include an 8-meter digital planetarium with a 30-seat capacity, a classroom and theater space, galleries with interactive exhibits, and event space. The facility will be an iconic science learning center in the Rocky Mountain West.


Snow King’s brand-new, 8-passenger Leitner-Poma gondola is perfect for hauling all your gear up the mountain in the winter and gives visitors easy access to the summit to enjoy a picnic in the summer! The most spectacular views of the Grand Tetons, the National Elk Refuge, and the town of Jackson can be seen as you make your way to the top of the mountain, and be sure to take in the 360-degree sights once you get there. Our gondi ascends 1,571 feet above sea level with a total length of 3,500 feet and will get you to the summit in just under 5 minutes.

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People ride the Gondola to the top of the mountain with views of the Grand Teton range and Jackson Hole, WY at Snow King Mountain.
Two skiers stop at the summit to view the Grand Teton range at Snow King Mountain in Jackson Hole, WY.


Take the new gondi to the summit and enjoy even more of Snow King Mountain! With approximately 100 acres of new intermediate ski terrain, the backside of the mountain is a perfect place to spread out the fun. Enjoy the ride down approximately 12 verticle feet of skiing and snowboarding to access the Sunnyside lift and make the journey all over again! This area also boasts excellent views of the Grand Teton range, as well as 360-degree views of the Bridger Teton National Forest to the south.


The summit at Snow King Mountain is always improving! We’ve added two new Magic Carpets so visitors can practice on one beginner and one advanced while taking in the amazing views. Start on the beginner Magic Carpet to practice the basics, then progress to the advanced Magic Carpet to practice twists and turns, then make your way down the mountain! Parents can also ride up the brand-new gondola and enjoy watching their kids learn to ski or snowboard in the dedicated beginner zone, then experience the ease of riding the gondi back down the mountain. While you’re up there, enjoy a warm beverage by the fireplace at the Panorama House or stretch your legs and take a stroll in the springtime!

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A child skier rides one of the Magic Carpets at Snow King Mountain in Jackson Hole, WY.
A person rides down the zip line at Snow King Mountain in Jackson Hole, WY.


Come experience North America’s steepest zip line going down the face of Snow King Mountain while you take in views of Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons. Each of the three sections has two lines so you can enjoy this thrilling experience with family and friends! Start at the beginner section at the top to test your confidence and skill including cool views where your family can take photos and watch you learn. Then take the leap off to the steepest span with speeds up to 60 mph traveling at a 36% grade. Finally, ride down the final span over the Cowboy Coaster and land at the base of the mountain at a grade of 31% traveling a total of 1,275 feet! The entire experience includes the ride up on the gondola, training, and the ride down, taking approximately 2 hours round-trip. A maximum rider weight of 260 pounds is allowed.

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