Press Release: Snow King Mountain Resort Provides More Detail on Phase 2 Projects With a Supplement to the Approved 2014 Master Development Plan

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Jackson, WY (May 27, 2016) – Snow King Mountain Resort (SKMR) has released a supplement to the approved 2014 Master Development Plan (MDP) to address projects that have been implemented since the 2014 MDP was presented, and to provide more detail on the planned Phase 2 upgrades for the resort.
Highlights of the supplement include a boundary reduction to remove the area within the special use permit on the back side of the ski area, and upgraded maps and statistics. This supplement does not change conceptual projects included in the approved 2014 MDP nor does it propose additional projects. It simply provides a more quantified explanation of currently proposed projects, and graphically portrays them to provide a better understanding of the master plan.
“This supplement is the culmination of many months of effort on the part of the Bridger Teton National Forest, the SE Group, and Snow King Mountain to improve upon the accepted master plan,” said Ryan Stanley, Snow King Mountain Resort General Manager.
“The ultimate goal of these projects is to create a financially sustainable year-round business,” Stanley continued. “Should we succeed, Snow King Mountain will contribute to our community through world-class outdoor recreation activities, stable employment opportunities, and a thriving entertainment hub right in the heart of Jackson.”   
Following the acceptance of this MDP amendment by the BTNF, Snow King will propose a selection of projects from the plan for public scoping. Following a successful scoping, and as funding allows, SKMR will begin a comprehensive environmental impact statement process (EIS). The EIS is expected to be a two-year process, and the construction of any element of Phase 2 would not commence until this process is complete.
The elements of Phase 2 include a gondola to the summit, a restaurant and guest service facilities at the summit, an access road to the summit, ziplines, a downhill bike park, and a boundary expansion to the east and west. An overview of the project can be found on our website at www.snowkingmountain.com/phase2. You can download the supplement here, or on the BTNF website.
The public is invited to contact Snow King Mountain with any questions or comments via e-mail at phase2@snowkingmountain.com.


Keely Herron, Marketing Director