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Snow King Mountain Resort is the iconic Mountain Resort located in the heart of beautiful Jackson Hole, WY. As a dual seasonal facility, it is home to many summer and winter family friendly attractions. The Snow King Team is looking for people with a love for the outdoors, a desire to learn, and a commitment to excellent service.

 Job Description

The Snowmaker is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and snow creation across the mountain. With two shifts that run throughout the day and night, snowmakers get the opportunity to be on the mountain first and leave last. Become an expert on the mountain and get a chance to experience the first snow of the season.

Responsibilities (But not limited to)

  • Operate snowmaking equipment for creating manufactured snow from water resources
  • Produce quality snow through the use of air, water, and fan equipment
  • Constant relocation of guns and hoses to various areas around the mountain
  • Adjusting, turning, or moving snow guns, sometimes by hand, to maintain snowmaking efficiency
  • Adjusting the water and or airflow to snow guns
  • Changing nozzles on snow guns when necessary to maintain efficiency
  • Conduct regular maintenance checks on equipment, including checking water pipes, fluid levels and volume, temperature controls, energy consumption, and diesel fuel systems
  • Document and report mechanical/safety issues, complete maintenance logs and checklists
  • Perform light maintenance or repairs on equipment
  • Shovel snow, remove snow around snowmaking equipment and other areas around the resort as needed
  • Maintain all safety barriers, padding, and guards around snowmaking equipment
  • Work safely in close proximity to heavy equipment, high voltage, and high water pressures
  • Perform other duties as assigned while waiting for optimum snowmaking weather
  • Work closely with and assist other departments such as Grooming, Ski Patrol, Lift Operations
  • Test the quality of snow as it is made, reporting findings and conditions to the supervisor
  • Drive snowmobiles, trucks, and ATVs as necessary
  • Work evening and night schedules when optimal temperatures provide the best snowmaking


  • High school diploma, GED or vocational training, or job-related coursework required
  • Valid State Driver’s License
  • The ability to work in adverse weather conditions including wind, snow, ice 
  • Good communication skills and accurately follow instructions
  • Must be able to ski or snowboard
  • Able to safely lift 50 lbs.


  • Pass to Snow King Mountain Resort (this includes free skiing at 13 other resorts)
  • Access to free skiing at other resorts (must work 32+ hours a week)
  • Discounts and pro deals and many more

Job Type: Full-Time

Schedule: Multiple schedules are available.

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