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Only Mountaintop Planetarium & Observatory in the United States!

Welcome to Snow King Observatory and Planetarium, where the wonders of the cosmos come to life! Situated 8,000 feet up at the intersection of science, education, and awe-inspiring discovery, we invite you to embark on an extraordinary journey through the vastness of space.

Step inside of our state-of-the-art facility and prepare to be mesmerized by captivating astronomical displays, immersive multimedia experiences, and live presentations led by our guides. Whether you’re a seasoned stargazer or a curious novice, there’s something here for everyone to marvel at and explore.

Explore the universe during the day in the state of the art 8-meter planetarium where you can cool off on a hot day or warm up in the wintertime and travel through space and time.  Planetarium shows rotate throughout the day along with programing at the solar telescope, science on a sphere exhibit, and in our immersive private theater.  With your daytime ticket you can spend an hour or the entire day learning about the universe.  Planetarium shows and educational programing rotate on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis so no matter when you visit you will have a new entertaining, educational, experience.

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State of the Art Telescope

View the grandeur and beauty of the universe with your own eyes! Our 1-meter primary mirror Planewave telescope provides astounding views of planets, galaxies, and everything in between. Sit at the telescope and look at the Moon through a periscope and eyepiece system…or use our suite of cameras and detectors to take your own images of the Orion Nebula.

37 Seat Planetarium Theater

Take in a star show to learn about the constellations and planets visible that night…or enjoy a film about supermassive blackholes and galaxy clusters. With both live shows and engaging movies, there’s plenty to explore in this 360-degree theater.

Science on a Sphere

Our interactive globe will visualize our Planet Earth like you’ve never seen before—take a look at ocean currents, view historical earthquake data, or simply gaze at the beauty of our Blue Marble. Live data from NOAA can be displayed before we journey to other planets or take a tour of the moons of our Solar System.

What's Showing

Discover the mysteries of the universe as you gaze upon the twinkling stars, distant galaxies, and elusive celestial phenomena through our 4K 360-degree planetarium. Enjoy scenes and explanations of “What’s Up?” each night in the local sky.

Watch a space-themed movie on many different topics including the Artemis Missions in “Forward to the Moon” and far-away galactic collisions in “Cosmic Mashups: Gravity, Galaxies, and Supermassive Blackholes.” From the serene beauty of our own solar system to the mind-boggling expanse of the cosmos beyond, each show promises new insights and revelations about the wonders of space.

Nighttime Experience

9:00pm – 12:00am Select Days (Check Tickets for Availability)

Enjoy a ride up the Snow King Gondola around sunset where you will see the most spectacular view of Jackson Hole and the Teton Mountain Range around.   Then join us on the observatory deck where you will see the Tetons in the distance and the stars above.  Explore a variety of smaller telescopes and then make your way to the 1-meter Planewave telescope.  Your first glimpse through the eyepiece will be impressive, but when you see a 10 second exposure via the telescope’s camera system, it will blow your mind.  In the event of a cloudy night you will be treated to an extended planetarium tour of the exact night sky you would see that night through the telescope and you will be able to explore the universe in much the same way as with the telescope.  End your night with a beautiful scenic gondola ride down the mountain with the lights of Jackson Hole below.  Tickets are limited for this amazing experience, book your spot in advance so you do not miss out.

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Daytime Experience

10:00am – 5:00pm Daily

See the stars during the day at our amazing new science education facility where you can explore the universe in a comfortable climate controlled planetarium.  During the day you can enjoy as many our constantly rotating planetarium shows, marvel at space exploration videos in our private theater, tour the new Planewave telescope and dome, look at sunspots through or amazing solar telescope, or wonder at the many presentations on display on the Science on a Sphere.  Shows change every half hour so you can jump in for 30 min or spend the entire day exploring this amazing new facility.

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Jackson Hole Ski Lessons

Pair with a Concert

King Concerts & the Stars

Take a trip to the summit…and beyond! King Concert guests will be able combine the concert experience with a visit to the new Planetarium and Observatory, adjacent to the concert venue before or after the show.

Two hours before the music starts, head up to the Snow King Planetarium and Observatory to check in with your ticket for unique programming all about space!
A pre-concert observatory ticket will provide access to star shows in the planetarium, views of the Sun with a solar telescope, and tours of the Solar System on our captivating Science On a Sphere. Expand your mind with amazing music, views, and astrophysics at King Concerts this summer!

When the encore is done head up to the Snow King Planetarium and observatory to check in with your ticket for nighttime stargazing. A late-night observatory ticket will provide access to view the universe through the 1-meter observatory-class telescope, smaller telescopes, and night sky tours in the planetarium. In the event of cloudy weather an extended tour of the universe inside the planetarium will be substituted for telescope time. Expand your mind with amazing music, views, and astrophysics at King Concerts this summer!

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Planning for a Group?

Book the Whole Planetarium & Observatory

At Snow King Observatory and Planetarium, we’re committed to entertaining while fostering a deeper understanding of astronomy and science among people of all ages and backgrounds. Through engaging educational programs, eye-catching exhibits, and interactive talks, we aim to inspire curiosity, ignite passion, and spark the imagination of future generations of scientists and explorers.

Join us on a journey to the furthest reaches of the universe, where the boundaries of knowledge are constantly expanding, and the beauty of discovery knows no bounds. Whether you’re here for an educational field trip, a captivating star show, or simply to gaze up at the night sky in wonder, we invite you to embark on an unforgettable adventure with us. We’re bringing the cosmos to everyone that visits Jackson. Welcome to discovery. Welcome to Snow King.

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Other Activities

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Come experience North America’s steepest zip line going down the face of Snow King Mountain while you take in views of Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons.

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You'll take in inspiring Teton views ... if you dare to look up during your unforgettable, set-your-own pace ride at Jackson's most thrilling attraction.

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You’ll harness up, clip in and safely ride zip lines, shimmy over suspended bridges, scramble up nets, cross swinging logs and even ride an aerial skateboard.