Mountain Conditions

Jackson Hole Ski Report - Conditions, Snow Report, & Weather Forecast

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Conditions Last Updated: March 23, 2017 8:29 am

General Mountain Conditions

Partly cloudy with spring conditions on the King!

Starting next Wednesday, NO UPHILL TRAVEL ON THE WEST (SNOW KING LIFT) SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN.  The boot pack will be closed.

Current Snow Totals

All snow totals are calculated in inches.

Lifts Opens

Trails Open

Surface Conditions

Soft groomers in the morning and slushy spring conditions .



Lift Open
Rafferty Open
Cougar Open
Summit Open

Grooming Report

Run Open Groomed
Cats (Green) Open Ungroomed
Cats Tail (Green) Open Groomed
Kelly's Alley (Blue) Open Groomed
Turnpike (Green) Open Groomed
Re-Turn Trail (Green) Open Groomed
Magic Carpet (Green) Open Groomed
Lower Elk (Black) Open Groomed
Old Man's Flats (Blue) Open Groomed
Holy Land (Blue) Open Groomed
Slow Trail (Green) Open Groomed
Cougar (Blue) Open Ungroomed
Grizzly (Black) Open Ungroomed
Upper Kelly's (Blue) Open Ungroomed
Karen's Way (Blue) Open Ungroomed
Flying Squirrel (Blue) Open Ungroomed
Towers (Black) Open Ungroomed
Lower Grizzly (Black) Open Ungroomed
Old Lady's Flats (Blue) Open Groomed
Moose (Blue) Open Ungroomed
Elk (Black) Open Ungroomed
Bearcat Glades (Black) Closed Ungroomed
Bison (Black) Open Ungroomed
Bighorn (Black) Open Ungroomed
Cut Off (Black) Open Ungroomed
Lower Exhibition (Black) Closed Groomed
Exhibition (Black) Closed Ungroomed
Snake River Run (Black) Open Ungroomed
Bearcat (Double Black) Closed Ungroomed
Belly Roll (Double Black) Closed Ungroomed
East 'S' Chute (Double Black) Closed Ungroomed
Upper Exhibition (Double Black) Closed Ungroomed
West 'S' Chute (Double Black) Closed Ungroomed