PRESS RELEASE: Snow King Mountain announces preservation of the Historic Kelly-Murie Cabin in partnership with Fighting Bear Antiques

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Jackson, WY (May 2, 2015) – Snow King Mountain is pleased to announce that the Historic Kelly-Murie Cabin, currently owned by and located at Snow King Mountain, will be moved to a lot at 15 East Kelly Ave. in Jackson, WY and will be lovingly restored by Jackson locals Terry and Claudia Winchell of Fighting Bear Antiques.
The cabin, which was built in 1925 by George W. Kelly, was the home of prominent naturalists Adolph and Louise Murie from 1939 to 1945, and was sold to Snow King in 1981. The building has housed some legendary Jackson figures including Bill & Mary Ashley, Virginia Huidekoper, and Barry and Muffy Corbett. Many locals remember the building as the law firm of Hank Phibbs – who had been the Muries’ attorney. Phibbs was there from 1975-2010.
“We’re donating the cabin to the Winchell’s to preserve,” said Ryan Stanley, GM of Snow King Mountain. “We’re excited they’re planning to restore the building right in the heart of Jackson, which will serve as a tribute to the important role the Muries’ played in our community’s history.”
The Winchells are working with local architect Danny Williams who designed the existing Fighting Bear Antiques cabin.
“Being in the antique business, it means a lot to us to be able to preserve this historical house,” said Terry Winchell. “We worked against almost impossible odds, and the partnership with Snow King has been great. It’s a win-win for everyone.”
Preparations to move the cabin begin today, and are scheduled to be completed by the end of the week.
The area currently occupied by the cabin will be landscaped and beautified to serve as a recreational area adjacent to a new 18-hole miniature golf course built by Harris Miniature Golf, one of the leading miniature golf course builders in the US.
“We’re excited to bring back an even better miniature golf experience this summer for the community and visitors to Jackson,” Stanley said.
Snow King Mountain would like to thank several partners without whom this project would not be possible, including Lemon’s House Movers of Idaho Falls, Century Link, Charter Communications, Lower Valley Energy, and the Town of Jackson. Additional thanks to the Teton County Historic Preservation Board, the Murie Center, and the Jackson Hole Historical Society for providing historical information.
To download a copy of the Kelly/Murie Cabin Historical Survey prepared by the Teton County Historical Preservation Board please click here.
Keely Herron, Marketing Director

Kelly Murie Cabin
Courtesy of the Teton County Historic Preservation Board. Copyright Michael Cassity, 2005

The Teton County Historic Preservation Board plaque on the front of the Kelly Cabin.