Summer Cowboy Coaster

Giddyup! The NEW Cowboy Coaster zips, twists and turns through nearly a mile of loops, curves and drops.

Experience Teton views like you’ve never seen them before on Jackson’s most exciting new attraction. The Cowboy Coaster takes riders 456 feet up Snow King Mountain, and then lets you loose down twists and turns as high as four stories tall for an exhilarating roller-coaster thrill ride! Yeeeeehaaaw!

Open summer and winter.

Play All Day with the Big King Pass


Driver54+" tall $21
Passenger38+" tall $10

Call (307) 201-5667

Click here for Hours of Operation

In case of inclement weather, call 307-201-5667 to confirm today’s schedule.

Tickets available at the Rafferty Activity Center next to the Snow King Hotel. 402 East Snow King Avenue.

307-201-5667 |

Before you arrive, complete your online liability waiver here.  Once you arrive at the ticket office, we will look up your online waiver on the spot and you will be ready to play with no delay!

How fast does the coaster go?
The maximum speed is 25 MPH.

Can I control my own speed?
Yes, each sled has hand brakes which you push forward to move. If you let go or pull back the cart will stop.

How long does it take?
The ride up is 5.5 minutes, and lasts about 7-9 minutes in total including both ascent and descent.

Who can ride the coaster?
The mountain coaster is for anyone at least 54″ tall to drive, and no taller than 84″, or at least 38″ tall to ride with a driver. The maximum weight for both passengers is 375 pounds. You must have use of both arms and be able to operate the hand brake. It doesn’t require any special skill.

Does the ride go upside down?
No the circles bank a little for some exciting G-forces, but there are no loops that suspend riders upside down.

Can the cart leave the track like the alpine slide?
No the carts are firmly secured to the track, and you’re secured in the cart with a safety belt.

What is it like to ride the Cowboy Coaster?
Exhilarating! The Mountain Coaster winds and loops its way through the forest of Snow King Mountain with views of the Tetons, the valley and the town of Jackson. You can go as fast as 25 MPH or take a more leisurely spin down the mountain by controlling the hand brake.

How does it work?
Riders load the coaster at the base area platform. Carts similar to the Alpine Slide carts can hold a driver and a passenger, or just a driver. Carts are carried along the track to the top of the ride by a cable and then descend pulled by gravity.

What are the specs of the Cowboy Coaster?
The track gets as high as 43 feet off the ground, carries riders 456 vertical feet up Snow King Mountain and downhill on 3,295 feet of track (just a bit less than 1 mile), with 4 circles and 6 bridges.

Do I need special equipment? 
No you can wear your regular clothes and don’t need any special gear to ride the coaster. Some people prefer to wear sunglasses or goggles while riding to protect their eyes, but for the most part the experience on the Cowboy Coaster is very similar to riding a traditional roller coaster.

  • Must be between 54-84″ to drive.
  • Must be at least 38″ tall to be a passenger, and older than 3, and accompanied by a responsible person over the age of 16 between 54-84″ tall. The driver must be able to see over the passenger.
  • Participants must sign an all-activity waiver.
  • The coaster may close due to inclement weather.
  • You must have use of both arms to operate the sled.
  • Snow King Mountain Resort makes no guarantees regarding operation or shutdown due to inclement weather.

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