Phase 2 Construction

Snow King Mountain Resort is undertaking a number major enhancement projects during the summer of 2021.

Following over five years of public review and the most extensive environmental analysis ever conducted on the greater Snow King area, Snow King Mountain Resort is now underway on a number of major enhancement projects.  These projects include:

  • Construction of a new 8 passenger Leitner-Pomma Gondola from the base to the summit.
  • A new gondola landing plaza adjacent to Phil Baux park with heated concrete and ticketing facilities.
  • Relocation of the base of the Cougar lift approximately 250 feet uphill along the same alignment.
  • Replacement of the western snowmaking pump house including upgrades to snowmaking pumping capacity.
  • Installation of two new magic carpets and the creation of a beginner ski zone at the summit of the mountain.
  • Construction of a new fixed-grip quad chairlift on the backside of the mountain that will open up extensive new terrain on the sunny south side of Snow King Mountain.
  • Installation of new underground snowmaking infrastructure and snow guns in the back bowl and beginner teaching terrain at the summit.
  • Construction of a new top to bottom ski route (easy way down from the summit) and access road.
  • Clearing of 2 new ski runs on the front side of the mountain and widening of the Exhibition ski run.
  • Installation of a new top to bottom zip-line experience that will contain one span that is the steepest zip-line in North America.
  • Foundation and utility work for two new buildings at the top of the gondola.  One building will serve as a gondola maintenance and ski patrol facility and the other will contain public restrooms and ski school/summer use spaces.
Snow King Mountain Construction


Critical Safety Information for September 13th - 19th:

  • Helicopter log removal will be occurring this Monday - Wed on the mountain.  Trails in the vicinity of logging operations will be closed to the public.  Please use alternative trails during this time and avoid Snow King Mountain for your safety. 

  • Road construction on the new summit road is crossing the Exhibition & Bearcat ski runs, please be aware of your surroundings when crossing below these ski runs on the sink or swim trail below.  Sink or Swim trail access may be closed if there is any safety concern for falling rock.
  • Summit area construction zone - please stay out of closed areas around the panorama house and telecom site.  Equipment will be moving in and out of this area.
  • Base Area construction zone - please stay out of the fenced area at the base of the mountain, access hiking trails on the west side of construction fencing near the magic carpet and One Town Hill.  When descending please do not walk through the construction zone.  The road to the east of the ice rink may be closed for trenching in this area, please do not pass through this zone if it is closed.
  • Construction materials may be brought up Leeks Canyon to the summit including concrete mixer trucks, log trucks carrying snowmaking pipe, and other materials.  Please get off the road if one of these vehicles is approaching, particularly on any steep stretches.   Stopping while traveling up the road with large loads is challenging and dangerous for drivers.
Construction Danger Zone Map - Snow King Mountain

Construction Zone

For your safety, it is extremely important that you observe all posted signage on the mountain and pay attention to your surroundings.  Our construction contractors will be taking a number of safety measures to prevent rockfall during construction activities, these measures include posting personal on the mountain to make people aware of any falling rock.  Therefore, it is important not to be distracted on mobile phones or wearing earbuds while passing through the construction zone.  The construction zone is indicated with signage on both sides of the Sink or Swim trail, the base of the mountain, and at intersections of hiking trails at the summit of the mountain.  Please do not enter areas of construction where signage is posted for closed trails other closed construction areas.

We encourage you to hike or bike at other locations in Jackson Hole this summer to minimize foot and bike traffic within the construction zone and help our contractors get their jobs done safely and efficiently.  If you do choose to travel through the construction zone on the mountain please TRAVEL AT YOUR OWN RISK, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS, and OBSERVE ALL POSTED TRAIL CLOSURES.

Public Safety / Construction Signage

This Summer and Fall you will encounter trail re-routes and closed trails within the Snow King Resort boundaries.  Please anticipate that there will be periodic trail closures for construction activities as necessary for public safety during the course of the summer.  We will do our best to find alternative routes of travel to the summit of the mountain but it is anticipated that for some period of time access to the top of the mountain from the base may be restricted.  It is our expectation to maintain the Sink or Swim trail which traverses open for the duration of the summer season and will only close this trail temporarily in the event of public safety concerns.

If you see a closed trail sign or re-route PLEASE OBSERVE CLOSURES FOR YOUR SAFETY.  We will do our best to maintain trails open unless there is a safety concern.

Construction Danger Zone Sign - Snow King Mountain
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