Heavy Equipment and
Mountain Operations Mechanic

Job Description

The Snow King Team is looking for an Experienced Heavy Operator to help with our 2021 expansion projects. Experienced operator would be primarily operating excavators, loader, mini-x, skid-steer, roller compactor, telehandler

Responsibilities (But not limited to)

  • Read and execute blueprint plans.
  • Operate all heavy equipment like excavators, dozers, front-end loaders, and other related equipment.
  • Obtain visual contact with obstructions and crew to avoid injury or property damage.
  • Operate the equipment in the right direction and angles to prevent accidents and damage of property.
  • Ensure and manage the machines or equipment in a safe and secure way.
  • Perform daily safety, maintenance or servicing checks to ensure proper functioning of the equipment.
  • Perform minor repair works during functioning problems.
  • Inform and advise the management for major repairs or maintenance.
  • Drive and control the equipment per manufacturer recommendations.
  • Responds to signals and directions by the crew and work in coordination with them.
  • Maintain proper coordination and cooperation with all other construction crews working on the mountain.
  • Work in adherence to safe practices, procedures, work site.
  • Performs other duties, as and when assigned.

Skills, Abilities & Qualifications

An Experienced Heavy Equipment Operator must possess knowledge to perform his/hers job satisfactorily. The essential criteria must include the knowledge of:

  • Must be proficient Heavy equipment operation.
  • Must be proficient in reading and understanding blueprints.
  • Maintenance and repair of heavy and power-driven equipment.
  • Must be proficient in workplace safety practices.
  • Must be proficient in both manual and electronic operations.
  • Must have physical ability to stand strenuous and dangerous work environment.
  • Ability to work in a team environment as well as by themselves.
  • Ability to communicate and interact both verbally and written.
  • A keen eye to details and good decision-making skills.
  • Manage to handle emergency situations, work under pressure and stress.
  • Possess a deep analytical understanding and problem-solving skills.