Uphill Travel Map


Snow King Uphill Travel Policy

Snow King is currently in the process of reviewing winter uphill travel policies to better conform with insurance and safety standards.  Please be aware that these policies are subject to change and do your best to encourage others to follow current policies.

All uphill hikers and skiers are using Snow King Mountain at their own risk.

1).  During hours of operation (8am-8pm daily, or whenever the lifts are running for Special Events or Snow Control) absolutely NO DOGS are allowed on Snow King Mountain.  All uphill traffic must stay out of the way of all downhill traffic, follow closed signs relating to Snow Control and use one of the three designated uphill routes.

a.   The Summer Trail commencing left of the Summit Lift base area and continuing up the right-hand side of Turnpike, then following Slow Trail around the top of the Rafferty Lift, continuing to the summit via Elkhorn Trail.

b.   Hikers right side of Exhibition, west of the Tubing Park, hugging the trees all of the way to the Panorama House.

c.   Cats Trail from the Rafferty Lift base area to the Summer (Elkhorn) Trail on the upper mountain.

2).  Skiers traveling at high speeds over blind rollovers present a danger to uphill traffic.  Hikers are requested to stay off of any freshly groomed surface whether on foot, skis or snowboard.  Hikers are requested to be sensitive to the fact that post holing up, down or across ski runs in soft snow leaves long lasting imprints that seriously compromise the quality of the mountain for our customers.  Hikers assume responsibility for avoiding any grooming equipment, snow making hazards, winch cables, power cords, icy conditions, marked or unmarked.  All persons on Snow King Mountain must have ski or snowboard retention devices, and must adhere to the Skier’s Responsibility Code.

3).  Sledding is not permitted in either of the Summit Lift or Rafferty Lift base areas.  During operating hours please leave your Dog at home.  If you bring your Dog outside of operating hours please remove its excrement from the trail.

4).  Snow King Ski Area is located on the private property of the Snow King Resort and a lease from the National Forest Service.  The Resort reserves the right to allow uphill traffic only in a manner that conforms to these guidelines and does not compromise our customers’ safety.  Snow King also reserves the right to restrict access for willful failure to comply with these guidelines.  It is our hope that these guidelines will allow everyone to better enjoy our mountain.



Avalanche control and winch cat operations present hazards to anyone in the vicinity.

During avalanche control work, we ask that no one travels above Slow Trail (red line on map below) until work is complete.  Any time there is 4 inches or more of fresh snow, or if the wind has been blowing, there is a good chance that control will take place.


During winch cat operation, you must stay entirely off the run being worked on, and well away from the anchor where the cable is tied in.  The high tension cable used by the cat is extremely dangerous.  Look for the flashing yellow lights on the cat and red flashing lights on the winch anchor.  If you see these then the cable is out and you must choose an alternate route.

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