Exum Ice Climbing


We’re gearing up for a great season here at the Exum Ice Park!

Ice climbing is fun, relatively easy to learn, and you’ll have  a great story and photos to share with your friends.

2014/2015 Hours and Prices

Open climbing | $20/climber. $5 equipment rental fee.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  4pm – 8pm
Sunday 12pm-4pm

Group Lessons |  $75/climber
(Reservations required. Minimum of 2 people. Offered as a private for $150 if only a single climber reserves.)
Sundays 9am-11:30am

Private Climbing | Call Exum for pricing
Offered most days

Private Parties | Call Exum for pricing
The entire Ice Park can be reserved for private groups at anytime that we do not have scheduled activities. The price depends on the number of participants and length of time.

Please call Exum at 307 733-2297 for reservations and information.


What types of equipment do I need? Can I bring my own equipment? Is equipment is available to rent? What is the cost?
If you have ice climbing equipment you are welcome to use it. If not, equipment is included in the group lesson price (but boots are limited so we can talk that through when you call to make reservations.) The price for open climbing is $5 more if you need to rent equipment.

What types of skills do I need in order to have a good experience?
As long as you’re healthy and somewhat fit you don’t need any climbing skills. None! Its fun for anyone and its not as hard as people expect it to be. Trust us. 😉

What should I wear?
Layers! It’s cold at first but once you get moving you’ll warm up quickly.  Ski clothing works just fine, but  crampons can mess up your ski pants so don’t wear something brand new that you’ll be bummed out if it gets ripped.

How many people you can accommodate for a group? What is the minimum for a group?
This depends on the group and what you want to accomplish. The minimum for a group lesson is 2. Just give us a call and we’ll talk through what you’d like to do.

Is it possible to hire the Exum Ice Climbing Park for a private party? If yes, how do I do that?
Yes! Just call or e-mail us and we’ll figure it out.

Do I need a reservation  to participate in the hourly climbing on Sundays and Wednesdays? Is there a maximum time I can climb?
No – you don’t need a reservation  for open climbing. Your $20 fee covers the entire time we are open that day. You’re welcome to stay the entire time.

What is the relationship between the Exum Ice Park and  Snow King Mountain?
The Exum Ice Climbing Park is an independently operated concession on Snow King Mountain.

How do I contact you?
By Phone: 307 733-2297. By e-mail: exum@exumguides.com