Adult Programs

20130314_JW_SKski_4Rot and CropJackson Hole, WY and Snow King Mountain have produced some great skiers over the past 75 years. As there is new focus on our “Town Hill,” please take a moment to consider some of the adult local programs that continue to make better skiers out of all who participate.



2014 Adults/Parents Day – 5 Week Programs

Discounts for pass-holders Saturdays
starting December 21 and again on January  25

Join a great group of instructors and fellow skiers that will improve your technique, challenge you, and simply enjoy your “Town Hill.” Adult Lesson Day will be concurrent with our Saturday morning Ski Program for kids – 10am-12pm, to give moms and dads a great way to plug in to some coaching. Why should kids have all the fun? This could be your best investment in your future as a skier, more than new skis, more than a new coat. Have more fun, learn to ski more safely, efficiently and effectively, opening up new terrain and new horizons in your skiing.

This program is offered to skiers ages 15 and up and of any ability. Whether you have been skiing for years or haven’t dusted off the skis in 10 years, we can help you to enjoy our “Town Hill.” These 2 five-week program starts after the first Saturday of the Kids Program, for some of the best weeks of skiing at the King. Registration needs to be completed by December 20 to insure a spot in this program.

To register, please call the Mountain Sports School Sales Desk at 307 734 3188.